Secret 'Bread & Butter' Money Makers

bread & butter

I’m a ‘bottom feeder’. And I’m proud to admit it. Why? Because I can go to just about any thrift store, any live auction, any estate sale, yard sale, garage sale, boot sale… you name it, and I can generally find at least one ‘hit it outta the ballpark’ item. AND I can do this even if there are ‘professional dealers’ swarming the place. More

Want a fun, evergreen niche for your online sales?

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As you know, I am a firm believer that “pieces make profits”. There is nothing more gratifying or more profitable than finding an item that you can buy cheaply and then turnaround and sell in a strong niche market for its PARTS. This is the BEST form of arbitrage there is! More

Selling REALLY Dead Tech

closely cut  fingers too

There’s ‘Dead Tech’ and then there is ‘Really Dead Tech’. What’s the difference you may ask? Read on…. More

My First Real Foray Into Etsy

kliban party cats print

I’ve been ‘singing the praises’ of Etsy for quite a long time now. In fact, my very first blog post mentioning Etsy was over three years ago! Not much has changed about how I view Etsy, the platform, the sellers and the buyers. I would have to say though that the site has become much more available to the casual seller who does NOT ‘create’ for a living. More

Profitable eBay Items ~ Books

vintage roses

Here you are with a ton of amazing old books that you found, purchased or inherited … and guess what they’re worth??? Nada, zip, zero, a hill of beans — if sold as is for their actual content. Well goody for you (and me!), there are actually TONS of different avenues for us and our tired, unwanted books to go — All of which grant our ratty old books a fresh new life and the opportunity to provide pleasure & joy to its next owner. More

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always gotten.


Why is it that we beat our head against a brick wall for so long, that we fail to notice the door right beside us? There is no heroism in creating a hole in the wall with your head… the only thing you end up with is a splitting headache! So why do we do it? More

A 'PRINT' Is Still An Original

Be Mine Limited Edition

You may be wondering why pulling a page out of a ‘modern’ book does not have the same value as an identical page from an IDENTICAL book that was published decades earlier. Although AGE does have something to do with it, the real difference is the printing TECHNIQUE used to create the book-plate in the first place. More

Profitable eBay Items ~ Feathers

Blue & Yellow Macaw

Feathers can be found just about anywhere that there are birds. AND…. Feathers SELL for AMAZING prices on eBay! There are birds that live and run free….. AND there are birds kept as pets…. More

Profitable eBay Items ~ Natural Resources


Fall is definitely in the air, and with that my longing for walks in the woods along gurgling streams is rekindled. I love walking in the woods, plenty of green underbrush along the leaf covered tree-lined paths. But, romance and splendor aside, ALL of these wonderful things that croak or jump, ALL these things that you see, and you enjoy… Not ALL are available to people in other places… Here’s a secret I want to share… More

Profitable eBay Items ~ Trivial Pursuit Cards


Sourcing product for this is gonna be super simple and WAY cheap. Trust me on this one… No you are NOT going to find complete games and flip them on eBay. You are also NOT going to sell full boxes of cards.. although that in itself is an extremely popular and lucrative niche! In fact you may be one of the people BUYING the boxes of cards in bulk! You are going to sell Trivial Pursuit cards…. one at a time. More