Reach for the Stars~Dig Out of the Hole

I’m at point in my life where I’ve realized I need to make some REAL commitments to myself, my business and my friends (both online and off). 

As I’ve talked about in past posts, I have so much inventory crammed into my warehouse, I’ve nicknamed it “one of the man-made wonders of the world.”  Many people have suggested I post hours at the top of the street and just start directing traffic here, rather than trying to figure out how to sell my stuff elsewhere.

From all the comments, emails and commiserations, I now realize that I am NOT alone, I am NOT crazy (debatable) and that alas, I am also NOT unique…. BUT I do have a wonderful audience full of friendly, supportive people!

It is with high hopes and the inspirational email below from Mike D., that I now turn to my little corner of the Internet and ask you to support me (and bear with me)….

Deb –

Your emails are very entertaining!
Btw, it would be okay with me as a subscriber if you sent them out more often. :-)

~ Mike

It took a lot of people beating me over the head, but I now “get it.”  I need to write in my blog more… okay I HEAR you!

I ALSO need to dig out from under this mountain of crap and as a happy bonus, maybe I can make some money doing it!  So how do I focus my time and attention on stuff AWAY from the computer and my blog, while still keeping my momentum intact?

ACCOUNTABILITY… that’s how. 

Have you ever seen the movie “Julie & Julia”?  If you haven’t and you want to watch an entertaining flick that demonstrates how passion, accountability and drive are the key ingredients (pun intended) to building a loyal following and a successful, monetized blog… I HIGHLY recommend it!

So in the spirit of Julie & Julia, I am announcing to everyone that listens, reads, cares or couldn’t give a rat’s ass… that my goal is to empty my warehouse.  I know that I SHOULD put a time frame on this statement, but I am not at that point… yet.  I ALSO know that unless I set a realistic, TANGIBLE goal that all I am doing is blowing sunshine up yours and my own … um, derriere.

So here is my commitment:

I am going to begin this journey with a series of small steps.  Right now I WILL remove 50 items PER WEEK from my warehouse. 

These items may be given to charity, given away on freecycle, sold at a yard sale or on Craig’s List, packed up and sold to Replacements, sold on Etsy, sold as scrap to a local recycling plant, listed AND sold as profitable eBay items or sent to Amazon for FBA – or any other creative way I end up removing the items. 

Once an item has left the warehouse PERMANENTLY… that item will then count towards my 50 items gone per week.  And if by some chance I am able to remove MORE than 50 items that week, the item count will NOT roll over. 

As I progress through this nightmare that I personally created for myself, I will share with you the (interesting) items that I removed, any new eBay niches I identify and how much money I sold the items for.  It will be an education for us all! 

As today is close to the end of the week, this personal challenge will begin on Sunday… and will continue until we can see the floors, walls, windows and shelves of the warehouse interior.  I will also use this as an opportunity to learn how to use my new flip camera and integrate video into my blog posts. 

You have my personal commitment to an update AT LEAST weekly… and I promise there will be plenty of good content & “teaching moments” that will accompany this goal.

Please let me know what your thoughts are… and if you have any helpful (or even not so helpful, but entertaining) thoughts or words of wisdom please leave those in the comments as well…

Happy selling!

Best ~Deb

19 comments to Reach for the Stars ~ Dig Out of the Hole

  • Marilyn Southmayd aka Grandma Marilyn

    Deb, I can sympathize with you. I found out about this blog post from Debra Conrad.

    I have been considering eBay but keep putting it off. I have a lot of yarn and craft items that I need to list and clean out. It takes up 3/4 of our garage right now. I need to list and get rid of them. My main problem is getting the pictures. I have a big tendency to procrastinate. I guess I had better get off this computer and start doing what I need to do, huh? I will keep up with what you are doing.

  • Susan

    Hi Deb – It is so comforting to know I am not the only one with rooms full of “treasures” that I intended to sell on ebay. Yes I purchased some of the books and videos and got caught up in the hype of making a ton of money just like you and so many others. Now I don’t think I could find those books and DVD’s under all the “stuff”. PLEASE keep up your weekly pep talk emails – your down to earth blogs makes me feel more confident I can follow a little easier in your footsteps.

  • Jared

    You have an interesting and challenging goal ahead of you…just reading about your situation and your commitment gets me to doing the’s all doable if we just commit to a daily goal and stick with it.
    …like your writing and your writing style…and your candor.
    Take care,

  • Tom

    Hi Deb…..I, too, enjoy your newsletters. It seems as though my demented mind always tells me that if I can’t get something done/accomplished in 1 or 2 days, to hell with it….boy, does that work well….my motto today is “just keep trying”. As I am constantly reminded, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I especially liked Andrew’s post….”how many items are you going to list each week”? That one is going on the bathroom mirror. Now I just have to remember to look at it :o) I also have a small stockpile that needs to be done away with.
    Just keep trying !!!

  • Paul Newell

    Our rec room in the basement is a wreck. It is full of stuff that I bought because I thought it should sell, other people’s stuff I promised to sell, and my own junk. I recently made a commitment to stop accumulating and put some things on eBay every week to clear it out. When I’m done I’ll use your book to find items people want to buy. You can check my progress at my eBay store NCTSells4U.

  • Hi Deb, your goal is very similar to mine and I am looking forward to hearing all the fun, exhausting, rewarding and shocking details of your success! You may want to use my mantra which is “Dear auction goddess be kind and help me with my finds”. You have heard it before, it’s the journey not the destination and I for one am along for your adventure. Thanks for sharing. Deb/strayfinds

  • Andrew Milburn

    Hi Deb,

    What a great challenge you have set yourself…………… Well done. I was talking about listing items only the other day to a client. She was saying if only she had more money each week, so I asked her “How many items did you list today” and I got that strange look, what on earth has that to do with the extra money I need. Then the penny dropped.
    Today she texted me and said thank you so much I have that extra money now, and each week I shall be listing X number of items.

    I think we all need to set ourselves a goal of items we need or want to sell each week and put the goals up somewhere where people can see it and they have permission to challenge us and ask us have we done it.

    Well done Deb, you will soon start to see your floor again

    Happy Selling

    • Deb

      Thanks Andrew!

      Don’t you just LOVE that “deer in the headlights” stare that people give you? Like you’re speaking Greek or something…

      Well, I AM in need of a more steady cash flow… and the mess that I have to deal with is just SO overwhelming, that it consumes my thoughts on a constant basis…

      So I figured I could use this as a “teaching moment” for me and my readers… I’m going to try to use EVERY reselling channel that I am aware of… and I can then talk about these places with FIRST HAND knowledge.

      I now have a REASON to finally set up my Etsy store… ship stuff off to Amazon FBA, list on craig’s list… even start PLANNING that yard sale I’ve been yacking about for YEARS (yep, a whole lotta talk, not much action… LOL)… etc, etc.

      Best ~Deb

  • Good for you for making this commitment to yourself and being brave enough to make yourself accountable by broadcasting it to the world.

    I, for one will be watching you carefully and kicking your ass if you don’t deliver!


    • Deb

      Stuart —

      Thanks for being there for me… one couldn’t ask for or have a better friend!

      I know this will take some of my time away from our projects, but in the end it should make me a much more stable (& focused in a weird way) partner!

      Best ~Deb

  • Nancy

    Good luck Deb on your journey to clean out your warehouse. Your blog is always enjoyable and entertaining, and I always look forward to reading your updates. I’m sure you will make big strides and will be delighted with your outcome. Rest assured your readers will be here to support you and offer encouragement along the way. :)

    • Deb

      Nancy —

      Thanks so much! It’s been such an amazing ride with you and the rest of my readers.

      The amount of positive support that people have given me has really touched me… and THAT is the sole motivation that inspired me to make this commitment. I would have never even considered this before. But knowing that I have a GREAT group of supporters to help me get through this is exactly what I needed to get started!

      Best ~Deb

  • Oh My! I had nooo idea you were setting this goal. Call me impressed!

    BTW – How Did I Not Know This? LOL

    You have given me a challenge myself. I promise to begin the cleanup of my own mess right along with you and I also promise to share my anxieties and mishaps. LOL

    You Go Girl!


    p.s. I’ve got to find the Julia movie to watch now. Like I have time…. sigh.

    p.p.s. Hey – where is your keyword rich title???? Are you not listening to me?

    • Deb

      Hi Debra —

      I’m looking forward to digging out with you as well! It’s wayyyy mo’ funner when you can “lose the extra fat” with a friend.

      NOW we are BOTH accountable to the world! LOL

      As for my keyword rich title… I AM listening and I KNEW you were going to kick my ass that I didn’t have one!

      BUT you were nowhere to be found and I was ready for beddie-bye so I published with this one … LOL
      (Don’t you love how I turned that around and made it YOUR fault!)

      Best ~Deb

  • Dear Deb, I can relate to what you’ll experiencing because when I first started selling on eBay I had a room full of real estate material: educational material, books, DVDs and more!
    Before retiring I was a real estate consultant for 16 years. I didn’t know how to start selling the material,
    A dear friend suggested to start with the books first, then DVDs and all the other items – over three months everything was sold.

    I am confident that you will be successful also.

    • Deb

      Wow Loretta —

      It’s GREAT to hear about a SUCCESSFUL dig out! However, I am in way deeper… in 3 months, I will have 600 less items, but that will barely make a dent in my mess… sigh…

      Rome wasn’t built in a day… and my warehouse wasn’t filled in a couple months… I have over a DECADE of crap in there! I’m thinking that this project will be AT LEAST a year… and most likely longer… but I am truly looking forward to the day that we can park our vehicles in there and start thinking about finishing the top floor into an apartment!

      Best ~Deb

  • Robert

    I never doubted you for a moment…The ‘Junkie’ in you, is over!!! That garage full of stuff? Is going to make you a ton of $$$!!! Way to go girl…

    • Deb

      Robert —

      Thanks for ALL your kind words.. both on AND off the blog! Your comments have been a BIG boost for my self-confidence!

      I’m looking forward to the relief of less stuff as well as the monetary rewards it will bring!

      Best ~Deb

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