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"Central Perk" Mug

“Central Perk” Mug

Hello, my name is Deb and I’m a mug-a-holic….  There, I finally said it!  And they SAY that just admitting you have problem gets you 90% closer to the cure.

Solimene Mug

Solimene Mug

I LOVE mugs!  I have SO many mugs that I could open a mug store downtown and have ALL the inventory I need for AT LEAST the rest of this year.  OK, maybe not THAT many, but I must have hundreds!

Why then you ask, did I end up with SO many mugs?  Well, it’s because mugs SELL ~ LOTS of different types of mugs sell ~ that’s why!  I innocently stumbled into this particular niche YEARS ago and well you know the old saying…

“The road to HELL is paved with good intentions.” …. and MY intention was (and still is TO THIS VERY DAY) to sell them ALL and make a sizable FORTUNE.

I suffer from “Online Sourcing Disease”…. I can’t resist picking up something that I just KNOW will bring in some bucks, but I fail to actually LIST it online for sale.

Sound familiar???

Does anyone know of a CURE?

Ok, I digress… the point is, that mugs are EVERYWHERE! You can find them at thrift stores, at live auctions, at yard sales, in “FREE boxes”, on Freecycle, in YOUR cabinets, in YOUR garage, in YOUR attic, and in ALL of your friends’ AND neighbors’ AND family’s houses.  You can buy mugs for a dime, a quarter even a dollar, and chances are PRETTY good that if you are smart about WHICH mugs you buy, you will end up making AT LEAST 10 times your initial investment — and this is assuming you paid $1 per mug!

Remember when I talked about the Starbucks City Series mug that sold for $197.50?  Well, MOST mugs don’t sell for THAT much, but you can easily get $5, $10, $20 or even MORE each for ALMOST any mug….

So without further adieu, I’ve put together a SMALL list of just a handful of ideas:

Villeroy & Boch Botanica Veronica Mug

Villeroy & Boch Botanica Veronica

~ Depicting famous places, people, TV shows, movies, restaurants (real OR fictional) – “Central Perk”, with a “Warner Brothers” back stamp on base as shown above.

(Bought mine: 75 cents, Sold mine: $20.00)

~ Made in Italy, or marked “Solimene” – Classic hand painted ceramic “Italian look” as seen above.

(Bought mine: 50 cents, Sold mine: $21.25)

Duncan Radiance Punch Cups

Duncan Radiance Punch Cups

~ High end brand name mugs – Lenox, Villeroy & Boch, Portmeirion, Tiffany, Wedgwood, Adams… you get my drift – I bought 8 Villeroy & Boch Botanica mugs – see picture to left –  for $1.00 each from Goodwill and sold them in two sets of four on eBay – one auction closed at $81.00 PLUS I made a successful second chance offer to the next highest bidder.
(Bought mine: $8 ($1 x 8 mugs) total, Sold mine: $156.28 ($81.00 + $75.28) total)

~ Unique GLASS punch cups, ones that have colored handles, very ornate pressed patterns, cut glass patterns or etching, have an acid etched “mark” on the bottom – I bought 5 Duncan & Miller Radiance pressed glass punch cups at a yard sale – see picture on right – and sold them as a set.
(Bought mine: $1 total, Sold mine: $25.00)

McNicol Navy Cup

McNicol Navy Cup

~ Restaurant-ware mugs, especially if the top mark (the actual Restaurant, US Military Branch, Railroad, Hotel, etc. logo or name) is featured on the mug – I bought a US Navy McNicol cup that I was able to date between 1966-1969.  I listed it under Military, original period items, Vietnam era.

(Bought mine: 10 cents, Sold mine: $10.00)


Cornflower Blue Mugs Big

CorningWare Cornflower Blue Mugs


~ Pyrex & CorningWare mugs…as long as you are willing to ship to Japan, you can make a small fortune specializing in just these alone – I have sold literally dozens of these types of mugs on eBay AND as a Star Supplier to Replacements, Ltd.


Want to learn the nitty gritty about Pyrex & CorningWare mugs???
Well, there’s a NOaH (Niche on a Hook) for that! 

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Best ~Deb