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Ahhhh… Spring!  Where the young lady’s fancy turns to… YARD SALES!!!! Yippee!  The smell is in the air… or is that all the musty odors coming out of my windows as we air out??? LOL!

We had our first 80+ degree weather yesterday, and my first thoughts were to make sure I buy a Thursday paper to look for any upcoming yard sales this weekend.  Okay, okay… I KNOW I have way too much stuff!  But, hey, I’m addicted, so sue me! :0)

But THIS year is going to be different, right???  THIS year you are going to join me in my new resolution… I’m NOT buying it unless I’ve researched the eBay niches first!

So, you may ask, HOW do you research it FIRST?

Well, pull up a chair and let me share my story with you.

Years ago, when I was just starting out on eBay, I was looking for someone to follow.  Someone to listen to,  a mentor of sorts.  I felt like I was floudering, not really having the successes I wanted.. I had no consistency and basically… NO CLUE whatsoever.

Then along came this book… an inspiring WONDERFUL little book “The 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay: My Story–by The Queen of Auctions“, by Lynn Dralle.  I was HOOKED!  I started reading everything I could get my hands on by her.  SHE was my eBay guru, and SHE was going to send me off in the right direction.  I hoped that SHE would teach me how to find profitable eBay items… quickly, easily and consistently.

And I was going to make a bazilion dollars!!!

The next thing I knew, I was running about town like a mad woman.  Every weekend, with my pockets stuffed with cash, I had my route mapped out and the most promising yard sales circled.  I bought stuff for a buck…. sometimes a bit more… sometimes a bit less, all of which I just knew I would be able to sell for AT LEAST $9.99 on eBay.  As my buying frenzy increased, I added thrift stores, craig’s list, local live auctions, freecycle, bulk trash pick up day, dumpster diving — all for that little treasure hunting high and the promise of turning $1.00 into $10, $20 even $100 or MORE!

So I began my research each and every weekend — after dragging in all the “treasures & trash” from my literally PACKED minivan.  I would eagerly anticipate scoring that big find… you know all those AMAZING finds that Lynn talks about all the time.  But it always seemed to turn out that what I had was just a bit different than the one that sold for bunches of money.  MINE was a different color, or size or shape or condition or missing something or had different somethings… sound familiar??? So at that point, I’m stuck… is it worth MORE? LESS?  Is it priceless?  Worthless?  ACK!! Now I’m confused and scared… NEXT!! And THAT item gets put to the side “for later.”

And so the research continues… I have maybe three or four promising things… about a half a dozen items that might get that all important bid for $9.99.  AT LEAST one or two PACKED boxes of stuff “for later” and the rest get put in a charity box (or two) that never seem to find their way out of my house or warehouse or garage or wherever they initially took up residence with me.

So NOW I’m struggling to get my auction numbers up to 100 a week… meaning I need to list 20 items a day, Monday through Friday.  And then I need to follow up all the questions and after auction emails, and the shipping and the packing and the invoicing and the tracking and the cleaning and the counting and the weighing… and OMG… I’m so, so, so overwhelmed and I’m not really making much money!!!

Help me!!! I’m drowning!!!!

And as the words from one of my favorite artists song’s says, “There ain’t no Coupe de Ville, hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.” (Meatloaf)

So, now what?  I have a warehouse crammed to the gills, I have more inventory than I will EVER sell, and I’m STILL out shopping looking for more sh*t.  I needed a PLAN.  A plan that actually WORKED.  And then it hit me (NO… a HUGE stack of junk did NOT fall over in my warehouse and almost crush me… well, that did happen once, but that didn’t create the “aha”,  just a whole lotta of ouchies!)

I needed to step back, put the Lynn Dralle books down, and regroup… I needed to “Stop the Insanity” (Susan Powter) … I needed to “cut the fat out” of my eBay sourcing diet!!!

I STILL needed to figure out how to find profitable eBay items quickly and easily.

What if I researched what to look for and buy before I went shopping?

Now that’s a concept!  And it’s not really a hard concept to grasp.  For instance, I know that SOME shoes sell well on eBay.  I could start buying shoes like some crazed Imelda Marcos OR I could try to figure out WHICH types and BRANDS of shoes sell well and then look for only THOSE shoes.  Buy less, pay less … get more in the end (MUCH higher auction final ending prices).

Just imagine dragging in your finds and NOT having to research what you have and be disappointed with your haul.  AND since you ALREADY know what you have, you can list each item right away… and that “for later” box turns out to be a great place to store all those items for the next WEEK while they sell (at a nice profit).  After all, having these items on hand will make shipping them all out much easier next weekend!  AND you can also dispense with all those $9.99 ending auctions… maybe you can only run 10 or 20 TOTAL auctions, because you are buying SMARTER, NOT MORE.

Wow!  Spend less, have less stuff and make more money! 

Can this be true? Does it really work that way?  Yup!

How do I know?  I wrote an eBook that teaches you how!

I based my process on a single premise.  That eBay completed auctions listings are data from a HUGE database.  And it is a very, very valuable database indeed.  THIS database can tell you what is popular NOW — in the past two weeks.  Not only that, but which keywords work, and which ones do NOT.  Where the traffic is AND where it is NOT. And all sorts of other GREAT information if you can just figure out how to narrow the data down into an understandable PATTERN.

AND my eBook breaks it all down into teeny, little easy to understand and follow (well-illustrated) steps… so finding that pattern will be a breeze!!! And if you DO get stuck… I’m always here… drop me a line, and I’m quick to respond!

If you decide to join me in my new eBay niches buying resolution and HAVEN’T already purchased my eBook, “Fishing For Niches“… you’re in luck….I offer a reader special on my blog!  Do yourself, your pocketbook and your storage space a favor and check it out!

Happy Buying (& Selling)!

Best ~Deb

8 comments to Profitable eBay Items – How To Find eBay Niches

  • Michelle Duplechan

    Hi Deb,
    Just wanted to say I love your book, and can relate to your eBay beginnings, because I’ve been there done that. Actually, my gargage still has a lot of stuff that needs to be purged. :-)

    I can’t stress enough to anybody who is considering an eBay business, or even to those who are already selling, but are floundering, how important it is to research before you buy, so that your chances of making a profit are much higher.

    By reading and implementing the steps you teach in your book, anybody will save A LOT of time and money!



  • Michelle Duplechan

    Hi Deb,
    I love to hear the story of your eBay beginnings. I can totally relate because I’ve been there, done that… :-)

    Your book is awesome, and if there is one thing I can’t stress enough for people wanting to sell on eBay, is that they should read your book and learn how to find out what to sell, before they go out to buy whatever they “think” will do well, and end up with a garage full of stuff, like you & I!

    Researching what to buy before going out to yard sales, estate sales, etc, is definitely the smartest way to go and will cost MUCH less in money and time.

    Thanks Deb!


  • Kevin

    I like the way you write. And most Ebayers know how this feels.

    *As I sit looking at my house full of inventory not listed* :/

  • I loved reading all about your early eBay experiences, Deb!

    You have such a way with words that I almost felt like I was there with you laughing as the pile of junk fell on you!!

    Every eBayer will relate to your experiences and should buy your brilliant eBook.

    Can’t wait for your next post!


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