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Thomas the Tank Engine Wilton Cake Pan

This particular eBay niche seems to ALWAYS come as a surprise to people when I tell them about it.  CAKE PANS… especially the Willton SHAPED & PERFORMANCE pans and the Nordic BUNDT cake pans can command EXTREMELY high prices on eBay.

Those of you who HAVE wandered down the path of custom cakes and cake decorating, know that this is NOT an inexpensive undertaking AND it requires a whole lot of SKILL, inherant TALENT and above all PATIENCE.  Unfortunately, when it come to cake decorating, I have been blessed with NONE of these particular traits.

Oh, I’ve TRIED… believe me. I even took a class!  But my anal nature — you know the one that possesses & controls you — REQUIRING you to believe that everything you do must be PERFECT…well add that to trying to make EACH & EVERY icing star the EXACT same SIZE & SHAPE… I think you get my drift… the stress and tension is just TOO MUCH FOR ME!!!! ACKKKK!!!!

However, I am also a thrift store, live auction, yard sale JUNKIE, and whenever I run across one of these stupid pans for a buck or two (which is WAY more often than one would think), I am possessed by the “good deal, GREAT eBay resale item DEMON” that lives in my soul…. and I BUY IT!  UGH!

I now personally own about 200 cakes pans.. NO LIE!!! I could list nothing but cake pans from now until the end of time and STILL not run out of pans to sell… needless to say, I’m a bit overwhelmed.  BUT, there IS a sunny side to this deep dark secret… MOST of these pans sell in the $20+ range… YEP, you heard me right!  The Thomas Shaped Pan pictured above sells for around $35 bucks.

Wilton Mickey Mouse Face Cake PanAnd THEN there is the whole Mickey Mouse Cake Pan “thing”. BEWARE when buying Mickey Mouse pans… the LARGE face pan to the right WAS hands down the most popular and the best seller — it DID sell for $50+ depending on listings on eBay.

HOWEVER, Wilton re-released this pan, and since it is now currently available ONCE AGAIN, it is pretty much worthless!  

A good reminder why it is SO important to keep an eye on our selected niche items and their average selling prices.  You just never know!

Another Mickey pan, The “Band Leader” is worth more at scrap than as a collectible cake pan. But there are a couple Mickey pans that DO command a high price … so fear not!

Before going on a buying binge, be sure to do your homework.  Holly Hobbie, Ziggy and some of the other 1970’s characters that have NOT resurfaced are worthless.  However the VINTAGE / RETIRED pans such as ~ My Little Pony, R2D2, Darth Vader, Grand Piano Kit (must be COMPLETE) are all good examples of pans that have really appreciated in value over the years.  Except for a few pans as noted (as I said — DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!), most pans will sell for $9.99+ at auction unless they are still available through the Wilton Site.

Another thing that increases the value of the Wilton Shaped Cake Pans is having the Original Insert (a glossy colored insert that has a finished cake pictured on the front and decorating instructions on the back).

If you don’t have one, don’t despair, you can always check the Wilton site to download and print out the instructions and photo PDF’s ~ which you will photograph WITH your pan and send along to the auction winner.

Wilton also makes a line of Performance Cake Pans, these are the pans used by PROFESSIONAL Cake Decorators (NOT people like me) to bake the larger or geometric shaped tiered cakes for Weddings, etc.

If you decide to “Go For It” all out and start looking high and low for Cake Pans, the first thing to do is DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

After that, I would suggest you make yourself a template with a generic description of why you have so many pans (maybe a funny story)…. HOWEVER, saying that Deb Henry told you that you can make a fortune flipping cake pans on eBay probably is NOT the best route to go.

In the template also include the Pan Name, Number, Year and whether or not it includes instructions (and what type ~ Original, PDF Instructions & Insert, etc.).

Below is my TRUE story that I use in my auction template (and yes, this really DID happen LOL!!!):

I am currently selling ALL my Wilton Cake pans as I have made a personal commitment to avoid activities which cause me stress and angst.  Unfortunately, cake decorating, as pointed out to me by my husband, is one of those activities!

About a year ago, while I was frantically trying to create a birthday cake for our daughter, and I (the compulsive perfectionist that I am) was trying to make EACH & EVERY star the EXACT SAME shape and size was in the middle of having a neurotic breakdown. My husband walked in and innocently asked me why I continue to do my own cake decorating…

I nearly snapped his head off and SCREAMED… “BECAUSE I FIND IT RELAXING!!!!”

Enough said….

So if you ARE one of those people who really DO find it relaxing, then you are in luck!  I have about a bazillion of these pans and I will be listing them over the next several months…

Nordic Ware Castle Bundt Cake Pan

And finally, another BIG winner NO MATTER WHAT (as long as you don’t pay more than $5-$7 each) are the Nordic Bundt Cake Pans.  These pans are HEAVY, almost indestructable and very, very popular.  There are several available including a Rose & Castle; both of which I have sold on eBay.  You can either list these at auction or as a Fixed Price Listing.  I believe that I personally sold BOTH my Bundt Pans as Fixed Price Listings rather than auctions.

For any cake pans that you list, make sure you use an original photo of the ACTUAL pan… and CLEAN it first.  Also disclose ANY dinks, dings or scratches however minor.  MOST small (NOT big dents that look like someone stepped on the pan) dings, dents & scratches have NO affect on the finished cake.  Make sure you say something like that in your auction too…

When listing your cake pans do not list them in the:

Home & Garden>Inside the Home>Kitchen, Dining & Bar>Bakeware>Cake Pans

But rather list them in the:

Collectibles>Kitchen & Home>Kitchenware>Bakeware>Cake Pans

Whenever you list in the Collectibles Category, you get up to 12 FREE images (I believe that multiple images are now free in ALL eBay categories) and this is the category that MOST people browse when looking for these types of pans.

Also from doing MY HOMEWORK, I have found that Cake Pans listed in the Collectibles… Category tend to close at a higher ending price.

Best ~Deb

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These affordable guides are a MUST if you’re looking to buy profitable eBay items!

Check out my Cake Pans Guide, where I give you 10 completely researched pans that sell consistently for at least $50 and I also provide a list of an additional 10 pans for you to research that have ALSO sold in the $50+ range.

Selling Cake Pans on eBay
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