Fishing For Niches: Niche On a Hook

I just got an email from a potential buyer of my eBook, “Fishing For Niches” requesting information about my blog and methodology:

“Hi Deb — I have sold a few things on eBay, books and stuff. I even did consignment selling for a moment in time. The leads cost me too much so I never really made much of a profit so i gave up.

I really like eBay, but I am lost as to what to sell, shipping, etc. The kind of stuff you hear everyday.

I see a potential for a good second income for me if I could find things to sell.

Your sales page fell into my lap so to speak. It was an upsell from someone else. I downloaded and read your free report and it intrigued me.

I have no problem making the full purchase of your ebook, but I need to know if this is the real thing. I have purchased other ebooks that promise the moon and I am in no mood to do it again.

Can your ebook get this regulative novice eBayer to become successful?

I like eBay and really see that I can make a good second income from home if I can learn what to do to be successful.

I found other “gurus”, but honestly I can’t afford their products right now.

Can your ebook and blog really help me?

Tell me why I should purchase your ebook. Thank you for your time.”

After pondering what exactly to say for a few minutes, I sent the following reply….

“Yes, I am the real deal.  My book teaches you a very easy method to research AND find niches on eBay.  The only thing I can say to you is, read my blog… read it “cover to cover” so to speak.  If you are able to learn from my posts and think that I have something worth reading, then you will enjoy and learn from my book.

It doesn’t take a guru to teach you what to sell and what not to sell… all it takes is a bit of researching skills, a little creativity and the drive to be successful.  I am NOT selling an easy button.  You STILL have to source, list and fulfill what you sell on eBay.  BUT, if you follow my methodology you can start to focus on higher auction ending prices, thus allowing you to work smarter NOT harder.

Selling on eBay is NOT about listing 100 items a week.  It is NOT about having thousands of items in an eBay store.  It IS about understanding what sells, what doesn’t and knowing that BEFORE you ever leave the house to go shopping.

Hope this helps!”

In my eBook, “Fishing For Niches” I not only teach an easy research methodology, but I also teach you how to make that research portable.  If you are going to be successful in your eBay sourcing, you need to have the correct tools to help you focus, help you buy smart and help you decrease your overall sourcing time.

On this blog, I try to provide you with good, sound advice and information.  But there is only so much that I can provide via this electronic medium.

What if you could get niches researched and ready made buying guides handed to you?

After months of brainstorming, fiddling and designing, I have finally come up with an idea for a portable niche sourcing guide that I hope you will find value in.

Everyone’s “Sweet Spot” is different, but I am going to focus on items that sell for $25 and higher or $50 and higher as the target “Sweet Spot” for each particular guide that I create.

The next thing you need to understand is these guides are meant to be carried with you when you go shopping for eBay resale inventory.

These guides are meant to be printed out and placed in your own personal notebook/binder.

In each guide, I provide you with all the information you need to make appropriate buying decisions, including ACTUAL successful final eBay prices realized for each item over the past two weeks (at the time of creation).

Because prices do tend to fluctuate a bit—although there are no seasonal, clearance or “out of stock” items in my guides—I date each guide with the month and year that I originally researched these items and created the written guide.

Remember, you make your money in the BUYING, not the selling. By researching what to buy before you ever leave the house, you are going to save yourself wasted money spent, a lot of clutter & the possibility of burnout or feeling overwhelmed.

I have branded these guides as NOaH’s or “Niche On a Hook.”

I am working my way through the baker’s dozen list of profitable eBay items you can source for FREE as well as several other interesting niches.

I have included a sneak-peek image of the sea/beach glass guide in this post to whet your whistle.

I’m ALWAYS looking for feedback on the format, content, layout and any niches that you would like to have covered – your feedback is very much appreciated!

What’s included:

Each guide contains….

  • AT LEAST 10 full color fully researched niche items.
  • AT LEAST 10 additional items that you can research on your own.
  • Getting Started” PDF explaining exactly what you need to do in order to get full benefit and value from your guide.

If you would like to see a summary of all the different products I have for sale, including my various NOaH Guides, check out the page “Stuff I’ve Written

Thanks for your support!

Best ~Deb


5 comments to Fishing For Niches: Niche On a Hook

  • Hannah Rose

    The new guide sounds good, Deb. I am just working my way through Fishing For Niches. I could use more help with the FREE stuff. Have been thinking about acting as eBay consignment seller, like your first letter (above) but hoping for better sales by using your research methods. My guess is it gets easier like any new task one learns, after doing it a few times.

    Taking your suggestion about being knowledgeable with your blog SERIOUSLY. Thanks so much for being willing to point the way in an area where trustworthy information is lacking. You explain things very clearly, and you have a sense of humour. I can see you having annual workshops for those of us who follow you.

    Hannah Rose

    Cannot make the April 24th deadline for purchasing your special niche sourcing guide, but would love to purchase it, so will sign up to be notified.

  • Billie

    I bought your guides last night, very nice. I live in the South and what we call sea glass and what is shown in your guide are two different things. I have never seen Sea Glass like what your showing. I like it but have no clue where I would find it? My guess would be a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby?

    • Deb

      Billie —

      You brought up a very good point here… the sea glass is actually FOUND on the beach. It could be along one of the Great Lakes shorelines, US East or West Coast beaches or anywhere else in the world. Basically it is bits and pieces of broken colored glass that has been found and collected. People sell these bits on eBay for very surprising prices!

      I haven’t actually done this myself yet, but I do know that you can buy sea glass at the big box craft stores like Michael’s or Joann’s. You could always check there as well, but most of the completed auctions state that they were found by the actual seller.

  • Dafna

    I don’t understand something,
    If you are telling as what products are good products and you recommend as to sell them, everybody will sell them, and there will be to a lot of competition, and they will not make any profit for me anymore.
    What I need is to learn from you the methodology of how to make a research of my own. Where can I get it?

    • Deb

      Dafna —

      Although this logic DOES seem valid, there are a couple flaws. One of the reasons WHY a good niche, is a good niche is because there are (a) plenty of hungry buyers and (b) enough sellers to satisfy the market so that buyers do not look elsewhere.

      Another point is that the potential for “everybody” to list a particular cake pan, or find a handful of the exact same sea glass AND have them listed for the exact same period of time, with the exact same auction keywprds, and the exact same shipping terms on the exact same eBay site (this is a big world!) is miniscule. There are literally millions of buyers and even more live listings at any given moment. Since I teach how to sell unique FOUND items.. not a specific wholesale source, it really isn’t possible to “saturate the market.”

      As for a methodology, to do the research on your own, I teach that in my eBook Fishing For Niches… It can be purchased here.

      Best ~Deb