Mirror, Mirror on the wall…
can you tell me who I am at all???

I have been struggling to figure out what I want to be when I grow up since I was a four year old, completely fascinated by the giant “trash squisher” in the back of the neighborhood garbage truck… needless to say “trash day” was my favorite day of the week and I aspired to be a garbage “man”.

The funny thing is, I STILL get excited over junk… but now I want it to stay intact! LOL

As most of you know, I make my living selling other people’s trash as profitable treasures… and I DO mean JUNK.  In my blog, I’ve written about worthless, empty gift cards, coupons you can get for free, old Tupperware, broken watches… AND I’ve sold so many more items both online and off that most people not only turn their noses up to but wouldn’t even DREAM of reselling it much less BUYING it in the first place…

I have accumulated so much stuff, that if 10 items were listed on eBay EVERY SINGLE DAY between NOW and the day my 7 year old daughter dies of old age, there would STILL be stuff left!

This is NOT an exaggeration.

So what does one do when faced with the fact that after nearly TEN YEARS of sourcing and hoarding has built up a HUGE inventory (but, hey, it’s ALL paid for!!!) and no way to actually move it in BULK. 

Every time I walk in to my 3 car, 2 story PACKED warehouse and try to tackle this completely overwhelming task, all I manage to do is run up to my bed, hide under the covers and sob… 

Okay, I’m a grown woman and I realize that crying never solves anything (but it might get you a bouquet of flowers if your hubby gets really worried about your mental stability – LOL!)…

and besides that, I’m tired of receiving the “Mommy, get better kisses” from my well-meaning Border Terriers with simply HORRENDOUS breath….

The only way to get yourself out of a hole… a really, really deep hole… is to start digging.  Of course, MY hole is actually a mountain, and I’m going to have to tackle it from the top down… 

I have to start thinking creatively, so I start to ponder things like … what would the “I’ve Got Junk In My Trunk” Super Hero do???

Small Sample of my StuffOr maybe the “Clean Up Fairy” will show up and organize everything for me… okay, those thoughts are generally confined to the days that I forgot to take my medication… LOL…

After tossing about a couple plans of attack… NONE of which involve fantasy creatures and “Disney Magic” —  sorry, I know you were probably rooting for that as an answer…

but if you DO have a “Disney Magic” connection, could you hook me up??

I have finally identified my needs & next steps.

So back to “State of Deb’s Business Report”:

  • I need to actually GENERATE some new income.
  • I need to get all this crap out of my life and my warehouse… FOR GOOD.
  • I need to keep up with my business, my blog, my subscribers, my family, my doggies and ME!
  • I need to think about creating some more actual PRODUCTS to sell… so that I can scale back on selling “found stuff”.
  • I need to find other ideas to create PASSIVE income for the days that I do end up hiding under my covers!
  • I need to actually start following my own advice….  at this point, those that I am coaching and mentoring are realizing FAR greater rewards than I .. as I am personaly completely and utterly UNFOCUSED.
  • I want to have an EMPTY warehouse and thousands of dollars in my pockets…
  • I want to have a library of free and paid products that benefit and teach thousands of people, who like me, are just struggling to dig out and generate a steady, real online income.

Clearly, I have two completely different business directions to go in. 

The first (obvious) one is that since there is CLEARLY no lack of inventory, but a definite lack of cash flow, selling this stuff needs to be addressed… NOW. 

That said, as any eBay seller will tell you… it is one thing to LIST 100 auctions in a week… it’s a WHOLE other ball of wax to actually fulfill all those successful auctions at the auction end… AND list an additional 100 items for NEXT week. 

Here is where I come up against my wall.  List tons, sell tons… yippee!!!

Ship tons and list more… not so happy camper…

I end up with bubble wrap and packing peanuts EVERYWHERE and a little blonde chatterbox mixing me up on which box goes to what person and whether or not all my items, labels and packing slips are actually coordinated correctly… ACK!!!!

Welcome to my personal eBay after auction hell.  This personal hell has actually kept me from continuing to list on eBay on a regular basis, which in turn frustrates me to no end!  All that stuff… and no motivation (OR TIME!) to actually get it listed, sold and shipped…

But guess what, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel… and it is NOT an oncoming train…  enter Amazon, FBA and a renewed hope. 

Can I sell all my junk and collectibles on Amazon for similar prices to eBay???


Are the listing and shipping processes similar to eBay in time in effort… NOT NECESSARILY… are you listening???

Amazon just made this WAY easier!!! NOW, I’m excited! 

I’m going to detail in another blog post about how I plan on using Amazon to fulfill the shipping, inventory managment and STORAGE of all my “treasures”, while selling these items, not only on Amazon, but on Etsy, eBay and anywhere else I may decide to set up a virtual shop (like creating my own micro niche blog, and then link to my OWN products on Amazon for affiliate sales income — tricky, tricky!)

Okay, so now I’ve got a solid plan in place for my overstuffed “stuff storage unit” AKA “The Warehouse”…

Happy Selling!

Best ~Deb

9 comments to Ch..Ch..Ch.. Changes…

  • Toni

    I have a question?? I am thinking about doing coupons on ebay and money a little tight right now.

    Read your site and love it. Is it best to list coupons for a Buy Now?? Or bid??

    which is better.

    • Deb

      Hi Toni!

      I have just recently run several coupon auctions. If you are looking for fast cash, I would go the auction route. I ran five auctions over the past week and ended up making just shy of $84 in sales. Not too shabby for about 20 minutes of work and selling FREE inventory! The best part was, three of the five auctions were 1 day and the other two were three day, so the cash turn around was very, very fast!

      Good luck in your selling venture!

      Best ~Deb

  • I’m so excited to be learning about FBA on Amazon. It’s such a new world opening up for selling products.

    You have really started to open my eyes to all the options for selling new and used products. I have a “pile ‘o stuff” myself that I need to sell… but my pile is not nearly as large as yours – Good Grief!

    The fact that it’s so much “easier” to list on Amazon than it is on eBay might be the ticket to better (and easier) selling.

    Can’t wait for the next installment. :)


  • Dave Robus

    Your problem seems to be the same as thousands of us out there selling on eBay.
    My sister’s house looks just the same and so does my shed.
    Perhaps we should get together and write an ebook showing people how to start up as an eBay consignment warehouse expert in our respective area’s. Then we could both offload our “Stuff” and get on with generating income the New Way.

    All the best,and if you want a joint venture let me know,


  • Charlie

    Regarding Amazon’s Fulfillment program and your upcoming review, I hope you will cover the accounting strategy in your comments. I understand the organization of FBA but I’m not clear on determining the line of profitability.
    An example: Send one box of a dozen books (same title) with a handsome markup. All sell within the week and seller’s coffers are full, Amazon earned its fees with a wonderful service. They all live happy in the hereafter. I get this picture.
    Here’s the other side of the above example: The dozen books send to Amazon are of mixed titles, subjects and values. The first book takes 3-months to sell; another 2-months later. Then, nine more months without a single sale. A quick price check and everything looks competitively priced with the other sellers. Sales Rank Numbers look good.
    What to do? Amazon’s fees keep growing.
    What’s the strategy to determine your profit line? How do you manage a slower-sales-than-expected inventory? When do you pull out the bargain basement discount prices and unload the inventory? Get the point? Can you comment on a master strategy other than item-by-item?
    I’m looking forward to next month’s flow of wisdom. Charlie

  • Mike

    I enjoyed reading this post and can certainly understand your dilemma with so many items. On a much smaller scale, I have some things to get rid of too.

    Not long ago, some of those that never made it to eBay instead got picked out and delivered to St. Vincent de Paul. Now I just need to deal with the rest!

    Looking forward to your next post on Amazon!


  • How I relate to this problem BUT for online sellers there is no alternative to LISTING. Even FBA, which I have just done my first batch for, has to be listed
    This is a great piece of writing and I suggest you script it and sell it to Hollywood cos we have all been there with so much stuff and so little time/motivation
    Perhaps going back to car booting would be the answer? Andrew

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