12 Profitable eBay Items You Can Get For Free!

I get a lot of emails from people who really want to turn their life around. They want to start making money online and they have NO experience, NO clue and NO money.

The first thing I usually suggest is to look around your house, garage, basement, attic, yard, shed, etc and just “find some stuff” and list it on eBay. The absolute EASIEST way to get started making money online is selling on eBay. You don’t need a website, a list, a following or even a clue… at the beginning.

Once a person has sold a few things, and can verify for themselves that it IS possible to make a couple bucks online, then and only then is it time to take things to the next level. And no, the next level is not becoming a “super-premium, diamond, titanium, solid gold” power-seller.

Don’t let the so-called gurus cram THAT down your throat.

It will only make you want to cry… or bury yourself in a sea of not well planned out inventory. I’ve been in both places, and believe me they both stink!

The next thing is to start thinking about a niche (or two or three) that you might be interested in. In my book Fishing For Niches, I teach you how to find profitable items that you can easily source to sell on eBay. If done “correctly” you can discover what “you don’t know, you don’t know.”

I personally use this method — A LOT.

I’m going to share with you a DOZEN things that you can sell on eBay RIGHT NOW that you can get for FREE. Yep, you read that right… FREE. I am personally selling or have sold several of these myself, so I know from first hand experience it works!

So without further adieu, I’m going to SHARE my list with you! Remember, I didn’t stumble over these because I’m lucky, or smart, or special… (Well, I am those things LOL!) but it was REALLY because I used my methodology to FIND THEM.

1.   Books!
2.   Recipes

3.   Sea/Beach Glass
4.   Feathers 
5.   BROKEN Dishes & Tiles
6.   Shedded Deer Antlers / Racks
7.   Empty Starbucks Cards / Sleeves
8.   BROKEN Mechanical Watches & Clocks
9.   BROKEN Electronics
10. Travel Guides & Pamphlets
11. Vintage & Current Catalogs
12. INFORMATION: Public Domain, Curated, Original

Plus a bonus…

13. Your services — Magic Spells, Special Phone Calls, Writing Letters, Coaching, Consulting, ANYTHING you can think up! 

Creativity COUNTS here, big time!

So now that I’ve got your attention… if you have bought my eBook and haven’t started using it yet to find some of your own awesome (and FREE!) niches, why not?

And if you are STILL on the fence, take advantage of the current discounted price.

Click here to get your very own copy of “Fishing for Niches.”

Yard sale season is starting to kick off here in the US Mid-Atlantic. Get your lists together BEFORE you shop this Spring.

It WILL make a HUGE difference in your pocketbook! I promise!

Happy Selling!

Best ~Deb

5 comments to Profitable eBay Items ~ A Dozen FREE Things to Sell

  • Gail

    hi deb, you have continued to be an inspiration I enjoy reading. and you are making your products affordable. I purchased Prints for profits and will be doing that. But your ideas also intrigue me. I like to have fun. Its not just about the money. I’m retired and got another retiree with low pension to join in my venture.You shouldn’t work your whole life and then have to use a food pantry to make ends meet. Thanks again,we appreciate you! sincerely, Gail

  • phillip

    Hi debs.

    the saying goes in my town every day brings a new idea,

    but not 12 i am amazed


  • Chris

    Ok,i love the ideas,but ebay is such a scary place.How do compete with everyone else selling the same product?Is there a secret to all this?

    • Deb

      One of the GREAT things about this list is that everything on it is FREE! If you are trying to get your feet wet and learn how to maximize your ending auction prices, then what better way to practice than using free stuff? The only “secret” is to keep learning. Keep your mind open to new niches, make sure you research what you are selling and use good, high quality keywords in your eBay Titles… don’t fill it up with things like L@@K or BEST on eBay or and other “hype marketing” terms.

      Best ~Deb

  • Mike


    Those are some interesting items on your list. I had to check for myself when I saw #4. Sure enough to my surprise, there were nearly 85,000 listings for feathers on eBay. Now there’s a niche!