What Do You Do Goodly?

National Education Week is coming up, and that means it’s THAT time of year again!

I am just giddy with excitement, as I have been every year for the past three years… funny, that’s how long my daughter has been in school for full days!

So what’s got me all charged up?

Career Day!

If you are not privy to what Career Day is all about, it is a day when Mommies & Daddies go into the school and make a short 15 minute presentation about what they do to earn an income.

The parents are expected to keep the ideas at an Elementary school level (my first year I presented to 100 kindergarteners!)

The really cool thing is that I have been presenting to the same group of kids for the past THREE YEARS, and each and every year, my “career” has changed immensely, but my job title “Entrepreneur” has remained the same.

I get to talk about the life skills needed for my “job”, what I do to grow and exactly what I DO.

One of the “drawbacks” though is that I’m supposed to talk about what post high-school education is needed to be successful in my career path.

But the truth is that MOST Colleges and Universities don’t teach you how to BE an Entrepreneur, they teach you how to whore yourself out and get paid in single transactions…

you work X amount of time & you get paid X amount of dollars

So theoretically, the more time you put in, the more money you make.


You and I BOTH know that there is a HUGE break down in this logic:

1. Can you say “Salaried” or “Exempt” employee?

2. There are only so many hours in the day….

If you haven’t taken a look at my resume or “CV” as they call it across the pond, take a gander sometime.  In my past life, I worked in “Respectable Establishments” managing technical projects and jumping in to do a lot of the product creation myself.

I also have the “gift of gab” and knew how to communicate with ANYONE. In fact, I can talk to ANYONE or ANYTHING (although the THINGS haven’t ever answered back).

I could actually have a meaningful conversation with the REALLY smart, kinda scary weird guy who came to work in the same polyester clothes every day, never combed his hair and had ink stains at the bottom of his front shirt pocket… you know the type, the high functioning autistic, socially dysfunctional guy who solved differential equations out loud in the bathroom… or so I was told.

I could also talk (though sometimes not very nicely) to the ditzy lady who “pretended” to be technical, but would leave me technical support “love notes” like the following:

“Debbie, Please order me a new mousepad, this one is broken.
Love, Maggie”
Complete with little hearts drawn next to her name — PUKE!!!

YES, she DID have a PhD (Piled High & Deep?)  Maybe that much time spent in school makes you DUMBER?

And I thought only Country Music did that! (Sorry Country fans, I’m one too…. but based on some of the folks in my neck of the woods, I would have to agree!)

But I digress.

What do I think makes an ON-LINE Internet Marketing Entrepreneur successful?

Well, for one the ability to relate to people, to communicate with an individual voice that resonates with other people and the ability to find, write and share content that is entertaining, educational or even a little controversial.

I believe that finding mentors that are doing all the right things and are where you want to be is a KEY ingredient.

And of course, forming partnerships with like-minded people who have complimentary skills to your own…

Stuart’s GREAT at that part, he gives me compliments when I complete a project!
(Maybe it’s cause it takes me so damn long most of the time LOL!!)

But the biggest TWO things you need are….

  • You MUST be willing to take action… ONE discreet action that is repeatable.
    And get really GOOD at doing it.
  • You have to believe in yourself.  Once YOU believe, your ATTITUDE will make others believe without you needing to convince anyone.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but I have an incredible mother.

She was a High School English teacher and as non-techie as they come.

She knew that I had a talent for math, science, logic AND writing.

She and I went on a College Visitation adventure that had some great moments and some REALLY scary moments… we were followed by some wacko around and into Rochester, NY and that VERY night we were awakened by blood curdling screams that scared the CRAP out of us both!

I have seriously NEVER been that scared in my entire life.

But after visiting Cornell, and Stevens College of Engineering, Rochester, Bucknell, and all the other small Technical and Science & Engineering based schools, we came to one conclusion.

NONE of these schools had much in the way of liberal arts.

WHY would an Engineering student and math whiz care?

Because no matter WHAT field you choose, you MUST be able to communicate orally and in writing to other people – or you end up like the guy in the bathroom doing Calculus for his invisible friend.

After that trip, I ended up going to the University of Maryland, meeting my husband and dropping out earning my “MRS” (that means I got married)!

But I did eventually go back, and I finished my four-year degree PROVING that I could complete a long-term goal.  I used that BS (Bachelor of Science…. or BullShit, you pick!) for a decade.

I left “work” June 25, 2002 and haven’t looked back.

So when I get asked if I use my College Education… the short answer is no… I use the liberal arts stuff I took in High School MORE than any of the Advanced Placement math and science classes I took in high school and college.  I learned to write goodly (haha, that’s for you Mom!  It’s one of the things I “do good”) from my mom and in my High School classes and I learned how to treat people by following the Golden Rule.

I guess that gets me a check on the “Good Citizenship” tally at Steph’s school.

But I really just do it cause I like to help people.

My presentation is in two weeks.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

And if you are looking for your own place… pick ONE thing you LOVE, do it “goodly” and BELIEVE in yourself.  You’ll be amazed at the outcome.


Best ~Deb



10 comments to What Do You Do Goodly?

  • Jim

    Hi Deb, I recently bought your ebook and enjoy your posts. Both are filled with information that is practical and easily implemented. There is so much garbage out there. I’m glad I came across your site. Looking forward to future posts. Thanks!

  • Susan

    Okay – I am from Rochester NY – what happened here to scare you off? And which school did you check out? Thanks for the words of encouragment – that we all have it in us to be successful – somewhere, somehow. Do they teach that in school? I mean – once we get out in the real world – without report cards – who is out there giving us those A+ words of encouragement—-YOU!!!!!

  • Great post Deb, again very inspirational. Looking forward to working with Stuart and yourself on the workshop soon.

    • Deb

      Hi Jerry —

      Thanks! And I am super-psyched about getting to know about a dozen of our Workshop students REAL WELL.

      Stuart is going to focus on the Vintage & Antique print side of the biz, but I’ve got some interesting ideas and tactics up my sleeve that I’m working on RIGHT now to teach you guys!

      The main idea is the same, but the items and methods are a bit different and VERY surprising!

      Best ~Deb

  • craig

    you are a cracker! (Very funny person)It is refreshing to hear a REAL person talking about what it takes to be successful. By the way I love calculus and my shirt has some ink stains! Think you can help? lol



    • Deb


      Do you see “Polly” in my name anywhere??? (“Polly wannna a cracker”) LOL! I think NOT!

      I have a motto in life…

      “If you’re not having fun, go do something else.” Of course, I’m on like my 14th different career path, but life has been nothing but interesting, and definitely FUN!

      AND, I would have to say without a doubt, that by adding Stuart into the equation for me, we have more than just a “bit of fun” working together! It’s been a blast this past year, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

      Best ~Deb

      PS – Hairspray can get those ink stains out, but alas, the geeky part is probably ingrained and will never go away…

      Oh and I forgot to mention THE BEST PART of that story… he had written (UPSIDE DOWN on his shirt pocket) the words “No Pens” – as a reminder… LOL!

      Just too funny!

  • Michelle S

    Great post – Very inspirational for us “wanna be” entrepreneurs – Looking up towards those of you who have been there and done that. You’re resume is very impressive, and it shows that you’re a hard worker and might be a type A personality. How did you get all of that done? Incredible. PS – I’m sorry for the loss of your fur babies, mine are so precious to me and it really is a loss when we lose them. God Bless! Michelle

    • Deb

      Me? Type A? Really? Truly?

      Without a doubt! I solve computer programming problems and any other issues I’m currently trying to work through while sleeping, while showering, while driving, while eating, while playing solitaire on the computer, while playing with my daughter, while in bed (oops, that’s supposed to be a secret *grin*)…. I am a work-aholic and I love it! NOW, if I could just convince the rest of my family that it is a GOOD thing…. LOL!


  • williams

    We absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your post’s to be precisely what I’m looking for. Again, awesome web site!

  • Jennifer Fedewa

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!