Secret 'Bread & Butter' Money Makers

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I’m a ‘bottom feeder’. And I’m proud to admit it. Why? Because I can go to just about any thrift store, any live auction, any estate sale, yard sale, garage sale, boot sale… you name it, and I can generally find at least one ‘hit it outta the ballpark’ item. AND I can do this even if there are ‘professional dealers’ swarming the place. More

Complete Etsy Course


You may be down on ebay these days (who isn’t???). And even if you’re not, a second income stream can never hurt. As I have said time and time again… Etsy is a wonderful selling platform. The sellers are awesome, the BUYERS are awesome and Etsy treats their sellers with both DIGNITY and RESPECT. More

Collector Downsizing!

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Yard Sale! Today only! I have too much stuff and no time to sell online. My overwhelm is your windfall. All items priced to go. Please help me reclaim my garage. Yup, you read that right. I FINALLY had my yard sale… More

A special request...


This is something I’ve NEVER done before…. and unfortunately, time is NOT my friend. So I’m trying this. Please read. Thank You. More

Want a fun, evergreen niche for your online sales?

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As you know, I am a firm believer that “pieces make profits”. There is nothing more gratifying or more profitable than finding an item that you can buy cheaply and then turnaround and sell in a strong niche market for its PARTS. This is the BEST form of arbitrage there is! More

Selling REALLY Dead Tech

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There’s ‘Dead Tech’ and then there is ‘Really Dead Tech’. What’s the difference you may ask? Read on…. More

My First Real Foray Into Etsy

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I’ve been ‘singing the praises’ of Etsy for quite a long time now. In fact, my very first blog post mentioning Etsy was over three years ago! Not much has changed about how I view Etsy, the platform, the sellers and the buyers. I would have to say though that the site has become much more available to the casual seller who does NOT ‘create’ for a living. More

'Fixing' the ebay Auction Dilemma


The days of guaranteed site generated traffic are OVER. I know, I know! I USED to say that if you had all the right keywords, listed in the right category/categories, wrote a decent description and had good clear pictures then you were in the top 95% of sellers on ebay. If there is a market for what you got, then what you got WILL sell and for AT LEAST market price (well, for 9 months out of the year anyway… all bets are off during the summer slump). Even on OTHER sites, the search algorithms don’t always display best match / most relevent the way an SEO expert or computer programmer would describe it. So what’s a small seller to do these days? More

Are You an 'Angry Seller'?


With ebay’s latest announcements, policy updates & 2nd round of small seller purges to Etsy redefining the site’s idea of ‘handmade’ and finally, Amazon adding a few extra headaches for some sellers, I would dare say that the majority of people who make their living selling online are walking around a bit more (and quite possibly a LOT MORE) pissed off than usual. Let’s take those raw emotions and use them in a POSITIVE manner…. More

“Service Not As Described”

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Rarely do I get my hackles up when ebay decides to make one of their ‘brilliant’ across the board changes in the name of ‘Buyer Experience’. This latest update has convinced me that ebay has taken their business ethics text books and sent them through the shredder. I don’t know if it’s legal to take money for a service that you may or may not provide, but I DO know it sure as hell ain’t ETHICAL! That kind of business practice WILL get YOUR ass thrown off ebay in no time flat! But, apparently ebay feels they are somehow ‘above the law’ when it comes to how they treat THEIR customers (the sellers)…. More